ICODEV Construction is more than a general contractor. It is a partner for your investment and your projects. One of our goals is to offer you the opportunity to purchase buildings of quality at a price which ICODEV shareholders would be willing to be partners. You have projects, we are investors and could be interested in investing. We have a base of expert collaborators in investments willing to participate in your real estate projects.

Whether you are a beginner or expert, we can guide you in your investment approach by offering you consulting services or by being a financial partner.

Jacques Lépine, President and founder of the Club of real estate investors in Quebec, bought his first rental property in 1982. In five years, he had accumulated $ 12 million of real estate assets. A miracle recipe? "We need to be looking for bargains, buildings that can be recovered, which are poorly managed, he said. We have to hand over buildings that have good potential for increasing income and an interesting potential for cost reduction. "Even if a building is sold priced at market value, by better managing, you have to jump at the chance and we can make profit. (CANOE-MONEY)